• FPVCrate - March Due to an extremely busy schedule on New Huntsville, Capt. Crater has had to suspend his monthly logs. To fill the void he has asked one of his top techs to assist some of the less experienced pilots by providing some educational guidance. We will be focusing on the Premier item... View Post
  • The Personal Log of Captain William (Bill) D. Crater: Stardate  97724.33 - “I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.”, Pink Floyd It’s time to go dark, to boldly go where no man has gone before. Starting this month we begin the exploration of the dark side of the Moon. We all have high hopes th... View Post
  • The Personal Log of Captain William (Bill) D. Crater: Stardate  97653.54 -  People often talk about those “post-holiday blues” and New Huntsville is not far enough away from Earth to escape them! As the lights come down and the garland is packed away I can see that familiar funk creeping in. What... View Post
  • The Personal Log of Captain William (Bill) D. Crater: Stardate 97583.2 - The holiday season spreads cheer across the globe, and even reaches 240,000 miles into the stars to touch New Huntsville. It warms my heart to walk into the Rec Dome and see 176 stockings hanging in the main area around a 3D... View Post
  • Stardate 97499.98 -  The completion of the Rec Dome last month has super-charged the crew. The ability to go somewhere, burn off a little steam, play some games, and fly some packs is just what they needed. I can see the difference in the attitudes and demeanors, every day they are locked in and ... View Post
  • Stardate 97193.43 - Here at New Huntsville we take play very seriously! When you work as hard as this crew does it is important that we take time to decompress (pun intended) and lower our stress levels. This is why we have been pushing so hard to get the Rec Dome completed. Exercise facility, ar... View Post
  • Stardate 97278.25 - Someone once said that water is the oil of space, so this last month we have been prospectors! There are several valuable natural resources we are seeking on the Moon, but the most important one by far is water. If we can locate sizable deposits of lunar ice, we will not only ... View Post
  • Stardate 97193.43 - Progress here on the Moon is going well, and despite some minor delays we are making New Huntsville a reality. We have assembled two of the permanent structures and will be starting the much anticipated Rec Dome next week. The crew is in very high spirits; I overheard one of t... View Post