Shipping to countries outside the USA / International Shipping

ORDERING: Placing FPVCrate order is super simple. We automatically detect the country you are accessing our site from and determine if we can ship a box to you. Depending where you live, our system will default to the proper currency for you. 
SHIPPING CHARGES & FULFILLMENT: If you live outside of the United States, we have a hub in Shenzhen, China that will ship your box at a $14.00 rate. 4PX/China Post is the only choice of shipment at this time. Tracking information will be emailed to you automatically when your box is shipped. 
It is our objective to make sure boxes arrive to all of our customers at the same time, however, shipments to non United States countries may experience customs processing delays. We have no control over customs or when they will release your order. It is our customers responsibility to get a hold of their local customs office and if needed, pay any taxes or duties. 
Drop us an email with any questions: