1404 4533KV TinyTrainer Motors (Set of 4)

  • $58.00

Introducing the Tiny Trainer 1404 4533KV Motors inspired by Evan Turner a.k.a."Headsupfpv." These superlight motors are a perfect fit for the Tiny Trainer Frame, but can fit other small builds! These motors are super-smooth, durable, and efficient. 

A message from Headsupfpv

When I (Evan “Headsupfpv” Turner) and my friend Armando decided to go all-in on starting FIVE33, we set a few goals for ourselves.

We wanted to come out with THE premiere racing frame, with revolutionary features never before seen in the drone industry along with top-notch customer service and care for all of our supporters. We feel that we’ve done that.

We never planned on stopping at just that though, I recently released my prop with HQ finding the likings of hundreds of pilots! We launched our first line of merch just a few days ago! And now, finally, we are releasing a truly Top-notch motor at a never before seen price.


  • Stator: 1404
  • Kv:4533
  • Weight: 10.06g/each 


  • 4  x FIVE33 Tiny Trainer 1404 4533KV Motor