1000g Portable I2000 Superior Mini Digital Scale

  • $6.99

Batteries are not included. 

This portable digital scale is ideal to weight your drone parts. This scale has the ability to be more precise and accurate. It can provide more detailed weight than other type of scales. It has a LCD screen display. This jewelry electronic scale can automatically lock the reading when data is stable. It is also low power consumption and can automatically switch off when it is not in use. This unique design is completely different from conventional scales, and it has a wide variety of uses and it has a convenient mini tray that can be used to weigh as well.


  • Power On/Off
  • Weighing Units Conversion
  • Calibration
  • Counting Features
  • Tare Weight


  • Easy operation
  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • Weighs in 6 different units: grams (g), ounces (oz), troy ounces (ozt), pennyweight (dwt), carat (ct), grain (gn)
  • Tare Function
  • Low power alarm
  • Auto off Function
  • Carry sleeve included


  • Measurange Range: 1000g
  • Resolution: 0.01g
  • Accuracy: 0.01g
  • Units: 6 species
  • Automatic shutdown time :180 seconds
  • Blue light display
  • Batteries: 2*AAA
  • 6 Units selection: (g,oz,ozt,dwt,ct,gn)