Lumenier QAV-S MINI 3" Freestyle Quadcopter DIY Kit - 6S (HD)

GetFPV has teamed up with top manufacturers to provide you with a complete DIY (do it yourself) kit! This kit has everything you need to successfully build the perfect 3" quad. Build a masterpiece that will allow you to get incredible HD footage while flying longer and further. Also, this drone was designed for ultralight HD flying that can carry a naked HD recording camera for epic footage.

We couldn't think of a better frame for this application other than the epic Lumenier QAV-S Mini 3 inch. The QAV-S MINI 3" is the new addition to the QAV-S line and features functionality, simplicity, and ease of work.

The arm locking system includes a hinge with a press nut that secures the arms and requires just one screw to swap the arm. The split bottom plate gives enough room for a micro camera in the front, while also reducing the rear deck space, which can be used to mount any VTX even a Caddx vista HD module. The QAV-S MINI 3 inch has isolated 16x16, 20x20, and 26.5x26.5 stack mounting that lets you take care of your electronics stack without the need to alter the frame structure and overall build.

A step-by-step build video by renowned FPV instructor Joshua Bardwell is coming soon... expect this in early March! Don't want to wait for the build video? 

Note: This is a DIY Kit- Full Assembly Required


  • T-Motor V2 F1507 2700kv motors designed just for this kit (No Shaft- New Release).
  • BetaFPV F405 2-4S AIO FC V4 20A BLheli_32 ESC (New Release) 


  • 1 x Lumenier QAV - S Mini 3" Freestyle Quadcopter Frame
  • 1 x Nebula pro HD digital video transmission system vista kit + extended antenna
  • 3x HQ Durable Prop - T76 Cinewhoop Grey (Set- 2cw +2ccw) Poly Carbonate
  • 1 x BetaFPV F405 2-4S AIO FC V4 20A BLheli_32 ESC
  • 4x T-Motor V2 F1507 2700kv motor
  • 1x QAV S Mini Hardware Kit
    • 20 x m2 - 6mm socket head screws
    • 9 x m2 - 8mm socket head screws
    • 3 x m2 - 10mm socket head screws
    • 3 x m2 - 16mm socket head screws
    • 5 x m2 - 20mm socket head screws
    • 8 x black zip ties 
    • 22 x m3 nylon nuts 
    • 3 x m2 x 1mm washers 
    • 2 x heat shrink 4mm OD x 50mm length
    • 1 x XT30 female connector with pre soldered black and white 18 AWG wire 90mm 
  • Note: This is a DIY Kit- Full Assembly Required