Diatone Roma F35 3.5" Freestyle Quadcopter Frame Kit

The Diatone Roma F35 Freestyle Frame is a 3.5" Quadcopter frame that is great for freestyle ripping!

Note: Injection Molded Protective Casing Color May Vary. Electronics are not Included.


VIDEO: Roma F35 Frame Kit


  • Carbon Fiber Frame Kit with Hardware
  • Alloy Aluminum Camera Side Plates
  • Injection-molded protection parts
  • Stack Mounting Adapter



Diatone Roma F35 3.5" Frame

  • FC Mounting:20×20 (M2/M3)/30.5×30.5mm (M3)
  • Rated Voltage (Recommendation): 4S~6S
  • Motor Mounting:12mm (M2) /16mm(M3)
  • Camera Spacing:19/20mm
  • Max Stack Height: 25mm
  • Bai Aluminum alloy: 7075
  • Carbon fiber: T300 3K
  • Wheelbase: 158mm
  • Bottom Plate: 3mm
  • Prop Siza: 3.5inch
  • Top Plate: 2mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Arm: 3mm

Recommended (Not Included)


  • 1x M2/M3 Stack Mounting Adapter
  • 1x 2.4G Antenna Protector
  • 1x 19mm Camera Mount
  • 1x 20mm Camera Mount
  • 1x SMA Antenna Mount
  • 2x Receiver Connector
  • 1x 20mm PC Spacer
  • 1x Accessories Pack
  • 4x Motor Wire Cover
  • 1x T Antenna Mount
  • 2x Side Protector
  • 1x Hardware Set
  • 1x Standoffs Set
  • 1x Bottom Plate
  • 1x Battery Pad
  • 2x Lipo Strap
  • 1x Top Plate