• FPVCrate Booster 2207 1900kv V2 Motor (5 Motors)

FPVCrate Booster 2207 1900kv V2 Motor (5 Motors)

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Get 5 motors for only $60.00

What looks hotter than the Sun and is faster than a rocket? The new FPVCrate Booster V2 motors!

Made specifically for our FPVCraters, this motor is sleek, powerful, and stylish. A perfect addition to any 5" build, these motors can take the punishment that pilots often subject their motor to. The 2207 1900kv motor size is perfect for your 6 cell builds. Booster V2 motors are also offered at 2207 2700kv for 4 cell builds. 


  • Motor Size: 2207
  • Kv Rating: 1900kv (6s) 
  • Stator Diameter: 22mm
  • Base Mounting Pattern: 16x16mm M3
  • Shaft: Clockwise 
  • Motor Base: Naked
  • Thread Weight: 31g
  • Cells (LiPo): 6S
  • Motor Wire Length: 150mm (Black) 
  • More Wire Size: 20 AWG 


  • 5x Motor
  • 5x Hardware Kits With Extra Screws