FPVCrate and BetaFPV Limited Edition Abducted Meteor 75 Box (One Time Purchase)

**URGENT - Aliens spotted, prepare to be ABDUCTED!!!** Over $210.00 in Value. 

Here is your opportunity to get a great brushless Whoop setup at an out of this world price!  FVPCrate and BETAFPV have teamed up to create an extraordinary package - everything that you will need (options for various RXs at an additional cost, or no RX), minus goggles and transmitter, to build your very own brushless Whoop for only $149.99. BETAFPV has made some incredibly limited edition parts for this build that will really set your Whoop apart from the pack with items like canopies, custom colored props, an AIO camera/VTX upgraded with a Lumenier antenna, and an “ABDUCTED” limited edition zippered hard case for your Whoop. You will ONLY be able to get these custom parts in this Crate.

This one-time purchase is separate from the normal subscription process and will not affect your current or upcoming subscriptions from FPVCrate. 

 FPVCrate / BetaFPV Adbucted Meteor 75 Build Video 


This kit offers a very simple assembly. Receiver (RX) is the only part that you will need to solder in the entire build. 

What's Included? 

  • 1 X Custom-designed FPVCrate Abducted Box 
  • 1 X Beta75 Pro 2 Whoop Frame, Black
  • 4 X 1102 18,000Kv Motors
  • 3 X Custom Designed, Limited Edition Abducted Canopies
  • 3 Sets Custom Color, Limited Edition 40mm (1.5mm shaft) 3-Blade Propellers
  • 1 X F4 1-2s All In One (AIO) Brushless ESC/Flight Controller (no RX edition)
  • 1 X M01 AIO Camera/VTX UPGRADED with a Lumenier Micro AXII Antenna
  • 1 X Custom Designed, Limited Edition “ABDUCTED” Zippered Hard Whoop Case
  • 1 X Screwdriver
  • 1 X BT2.0 Connector 1S Lipo Charging Board 
  • 4 X BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C HV Batteries 
  • 1 X Prop Removal Tool