FPVCrate Lume Skid Kit

Get ready to light up the sky with Lume-Skids. These skids were designed to fit most 5" quads. Made from ultra-durable injection-molded plastic, Lume-Skids are made to take a beating while keeping your frame and components safe from rough landings.

As if being tough as nails skid protectors for your arms wasn’t enough, Lume-Skids also GLOW via the included supernova-bright white LEDs. To make Skids even easier we have included 4 race wire boards and wire for connecting your LEDs to your motors. These race wire boards are specifically designed to fit the STARK’s arms, but they will also work for many other 5” frames.

You will be lighting up the night’s sky and eliminating the worry of motor wire prop strikes, all at the same time! Also included in the kit are longer motor screws for mounting your Lume-Skids and clear shrinkwrap for protecting your race wire. This is a great “all-in-one” landing skid/LED kit for any 5” pilot.

So, if you are ready to look like a comet streaking through space, then you are ready for Lume-Skids. They are so bright you can almost see them from orbit!

FPvCrate Lume Skid Kit Includes: 

  • 4 x Skidz (Lime Green) 
  • 4 x Skid Leds with wires 
  • 4 x Race wire boards 
  • 4 x Clear heat shrink tubes 
  • 17x M3 x 10mm socket head steel black screws 
  • 1 x Manual Card