• Sub250


  • $38.99

Sub 250 Box includes 3" - 2.5" FPV/Quad parts. 

Today's sub250g quads are just as powerful as their 5" cousins, but with several advantages: 

✔️Same (or higher!) thrust to weight ratio as 5" quads 

✔️Smaller quads survive crashes better 

✔️Flying models under 250 grams have more flying freedom 

The Sub250 Crate subscription will provide you all the parts needed to build a sub250g quad over roughly a five - six month period with extra goodies. Parts at a value impossible to receive if purchasing them individually. We only include new and released components that come from some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Also, Sub250 Crate is available as a one-time purchase without commitment and no subscription.

Sub250 Box is simple.


  • Prime Item. Sometimes prime Item will be made out of two items (flight controller, ESC/ESC's, frame, set of motors...)
  • Three sets of propellers
  • Sticker sheet (the same sticker is included in 5" and Sub250 boxes)
  • Pass to discounted prices on FPVCrate store

The price is awesome! 

✔️ Only 35.99 + affordable shipping 

Why Subscribe? 

  • Guaranteed amazing value every month
  • Monthly surprise with only new and released products 

Did You Know? 

We Are Here For You! 



Not surprised with what you got? Ship us a complete box back and we will make a full refund minus shipping charges to and from your address. The warranty will expire 10 days after the box was received by the customer. For a complete refund, all products need to be unopened and in a sellable condition. 

If you have an issue with a product (manufacturing defect). Just email us and we will replace it for free or make a complete refund. Within 30 days after a product was received through the box or FPVCrate store.  

How It Works

  • NEW SUBSCRIBERS: All new subscriptions are charged on the day they sign up. If you order your box after 12 pm EST on the 20th of the month, you will be shipped the following month's crate.
  • RECURRING BILLING: On the first (1st) after your first crate has shipped.
  • SHIPPING: All boxes generally ship the third week of the month.