FPVCrate Tiny Trainer 3" Limited Edition DIY Kit V2

It’s like having a DRL Racer4 that fits in your pocket!

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Designed by 2-time MultiGP Champion and current DRL pilot Evan “Headsup” Turner, the TinyTrainer was created so he could train for the DRL season in his own backyard. What he created with the TinyTrainer far exceeded his wildest expectations. Whether you Race or Freestyle, backyard bashing or ‘bandos, this setup will quickly become your “go to” quad. By building a quad that could take the rigors of training by one of the best drone pilots in the world, Evan created a sub-micro that could take anything you can think to throw at it!

Built To Win, Born To Rip

FPVCrate has teamed up with Five33 and Evan to provide you with a complete, one-time purchase Crate, that has everything you need to build this 3” beast. FPVCrate is the exclusive dealer of the TinyTrainer Kit. These components are “Headsup FPV” approved! This kit will also include Five33’s brand new SpecMotors and HQ Prop TinyTrainer Props, designed specifically for the TinyTrainer. Couple these components with the great parts from companies like BetaFPV, Caddx, Team Blacksheep, and Lumenier that are provided in this kit, and this will be a quad that will make the rest of your fleet jealous!

Train Anywhere

Even a world-class drone racer needs to go home in the off-season, and keeping your edge is vital to staying on the top of the leaderboard. That was the primary idea behind the TinyTrainer. Wanting to be able to train in his backyard, Evan used the DRL Racer4 as his inspiration and went TINY! The goal was to create a micro racer that had the same flight characteristics as the full-sized DRL rigs so he could train anywhere, keeping his reaction time and muscle memory sharp. There are a LOT of skilled challengers on the Drone Racing League circuit and being on top of your game is crucial to winning.The TinyTrainer is your ticket to the winner’s circle!

Not Just For Racing

Don’t let its DRL lines fool you, this quad is right at home as a Freestyle BEAST! With a thrust to weight ratio like a F1 Indy car, the TinyTrainer will make a ‘bando cry, Its small form factor make it very gap-happy - you will be hunting for even more challenging lines with this quad. The TinyTrainer will take whatever trick, gap, line, or crash, that you can throw at it and ask for more!

Five33 Tiny Trainer FPVCrate Kit V1- How-to build Guide

(Some components may change over time as the kit is updated. Please pay careful attention to voltages and connections for any components and verify with each products' manual)


Five33 Tiny Trainer the Ultimate Backyard Basher! 


✔️ Five33 kit to spec 
✔️ Newly released / hot parts 
✔️ Backed by 2X Multi GP champ and DRL pilot Evan Turner 

What's Included? 

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