• GEPRC CineGO CineWhoop w/ Caddx Vista HD System (6S - 2800kv)
  • GEPRC CineGO CineWhoop w/ Caddx Vista HD System (6S - 2800kv)
  • GEPRC CineGO CineWhoop w/ Caddx Vista HD System (6S - 2800kv)

GEPRC CineGO CineWhoop w/ Caddx Vista HD System (6S - 2800kv)

CineGO HD is the latest CineWhoop model by GEPRC. It is equipped with the latest Caddx Vista high-definition image transmission. The CineGO is one of the lightest CineWhopps in the market (weighs 247g); its ultra-light design is 30% lighter than the traditional GoPro 7/8 aircraft. So far, it is the lightest Cine model. CineGO HD is mainly used for CineWhoop flight. Its ultra-light design is 30% lighter than traditional GoPro 7/8 aircraft. Features GR1507 6S 2800KV / 4s 3600kv Motors, STABLE V2 F4 Flight Controller, and STABLE V2 F4 ESC BL32 2-6S 4-in-1 for a smooth flight!

Note: GoPro 7/8 and Battery NOT included. ESC comes with an XT-30 Connector.


  • No Propellers in view.
  • With Caddx Vista Digital HD video transmission system, Goggle can record 720P video
  • Equipped with a 3-inch tpu guard frame, Ensure safety and reliability
  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Flight Control System: STABLE F405 SYSTEM
  • Two types of power. 6S version uses a GR1507 2800KV motor. 4S version uses GR1507 3600Kv motor
  • Full Soft Mounted FC System: Provides a clean operating environment for the gyro.
  • Exquisite Assembly Process: Eliminate any potential installation problems.
  • Weight:247g(without battery and GoPro Mounts TPU)



  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Top plate: 2mm
  • Bottom plate: 3mm
  • Side plate: 1.5mm
  • Wheelbase: 155mm
  • Motors: GR1507 2800Kv/3600Kv
  • Recommended Battery:4-6S 850-1250mAh XT-30 (Not included)
  • Recommended Camera:GoPro Hero 7/8 (Not included)

Caddx Vista 

  • Size: 30.45 x 29 x 13mm
  • Weight: 19g
  • Antenna Connector: U.FL
  • 20×20 stack
  • 200mw to 1200mw max output power
  • Range 4km max
  • 2S to 6S
  • High-quality mode 30-40 ms
  • Low latency mode 21-28ms
  • Compatible with DJI HD camera
  • Compatible with DJI HD goggles

STABLE V2 F4 Flight Controller

  • Model:STABLE F4 35A
  • MCU: F405
  • IMU: MPU6000 gyro/accelerometer (SPI)
  • OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/ AT7456E chip
  • Baro:NO
  • BEC Output: 5V@3A
  • Integrated LC Filter
  • Firmware target: OmnibusF4SD
  • Size: 26x26mm board, 20mm mounting holes (M2)

STABLE V2 F4 ESC BL32 2-6S 4-in-1 

  • MCU:STM32F051
  • Input:2-6s lipo
  • Constant:35Amps
  • Burst:45Amps
  • Dimensions:31*31mm(including the power pads)
  • Mounting Holes:20*20mm, M2
  • Supports Dshot1200, Proshot, Oneshot, Multishot
  • Current meter: Yes
  • Target: GEPRC-BL32-4IN1


  • 1 x CineGO HD CineWhoop Quadcopter
  • 4 x 3-inch Props(pairs)