Lumenier QAV-S Mini 4" Freestyle Quadcopter DIY Kit (HD)

  • $339.99

GetFPV has teamed up with top manufacturers to provide you with a complete DIY (do it yourself) kit! This kit has everything you need to successfully build the perfect long flight / long-range quad. Build a masterpiece that will allow you to get incredible HD footage while flying longer and further. Also, this drone was designed for ultralight long-range HD flying that can carry a naked HD recording camera for epic footage.

We couldn't think of a better frame for this application other than the epic Lumenier QAV-S Mini 4 inch. The QAV-S MINI 4" is the new addition to the QAV-S line and features functionality, simplicity, and ease of work.

The arm locking system includes a hinge with a press nut that secures the arms and requires just one screw to swap the arm. The split bottom plate gives enough room for a micro camera in the front, while also reducing the rear deck space, which can be used to mount any VTX even a Caddx vista HD module. The QAV-S MINI 4 inch has isolated 16x16, 20x20, and 26.5x26.5 stack mounting that lets you take care of your electronics stack without the need to alter the frame structure and overall build.

A step-by-step build video by renowned FPV instructor Joshua Bardwell is coming soon... expect this in early March! Don't want to wait for the build video? The Lumenier build team has already created a written building guide with detailed images. Check out the current building guide here.

Note: This is a DIY Kit- Full Assembly Required


  • T-Motor 1404 2800kv motors designed just for this kit (new release).
  • BetaFPV F405 2-4S AIO FC V4 20A BLheli_32 ESC (new release).
  • Nebula Pro for the best HD quality + extended antenna.
  • Matek SAM M8Q - one of the best GPS systems around.
  • Weight is only 160g fully built! (without a battery)


  • 1x Lumenier QAV - S Mini 4" Freestyle Quadcopter Frame
  • 1x Nebula pro HD digital video transmission system vista kit + long antenna
  • 3x HQ Durable Prop T4x2.5Grey (Set- 2cw +2ccw) Poly Carbonate
  • 1x BetaFPV F405 2-4S AIO FC V4 20A BLheli_32 ESC
  • 4x T-motor 1404 2800kv motors (FPVCrate Edition)
  • 1x Matek SAM M8Q GPS mount
  • 1x Matek SAM M8Q GPS
  • 1x QAV S Mini Hardware Kit
    • 20 x m2 - 6mm socket head screws
    • 9 x m2 - 8mm socket head screws
    • 3 x m2 - 10mm socket head screws
    • 3 x m2 - 16mm socket head screws
    • 5 x m2 - 20mm socket head screws
    • 8 x black zip ties 
    • 22 x m3 nylon nuts 
    • 3 x m2 x 1mm washers 
    • 2 x heat shrink 4mm OD x 50mm length
    • 1 x XT30 female connector with pre soldered black and white 18 AWG wire 90mm 
  • Note: This is a DIY Kit- Full Assembly Required