TBS Source One 5" V3 RTF (2500kv/4s, XM+ Receiver)

Fully hand-built, tuned and ready to fly out of the box. Simply add your own radio, battery, and bind the included receiver and go fly!

Each ready to fly drone is flown, and tuned individually to give you the best experience possible flying your drone. 

It has been equipped with a FrSky XM+ receiver so all you need to do is bind to your radio, add a battery and you are ready to rip! 

About the Airframe: 

The SOURCE ONE is a wide-stance X configuration frame, popular for freestyle or free-range acrobatic flying. It is built to withstand harsh crashes and abuse. It fits and protects all the classic FPV components and is optimized for light weight. The SOURCE ONE is a perfect everyday workhorse for casual FPV flying and competitive freestyle.


  • AUW: 380g (excluding battery & battery strap) 

RTF Included Components and Parts:


Suggested Parts (not included with the RTF)