The Personal Log of Captain William (Bill) D. Crater:

Stardate  97653.54 -  People often talk about those “post-holiday blues” and New Huntsville is not far enough away from Earth to escape them! As the lights come down and the garland is packed away I can see that familiar funk creeping in. What better way to cure the blues than with some healthy competition! At the beginning of the month, I posted a “Novice-Class” Game of KWAD series for some of the less FPV experienced crewmembers. For those who don’t know, the Game of KWAD is like the game of HORSE, but with drones. I felt this would be a win on several levels - get our less experienced flyers motivated to push their piloting skills, create events that the whole crew can enjoy, and find more RRC pilots for lunar exploration.

Our first Game of KWAD went better than expected. We have this one crewmember, Ensign Korban, who loves flying but needed a little push to take his skills to the next level. The Game of KWAD was just what he needed! It was one of the closest matches I have seen. All five pilots were one letter away from being out. Ensign Korban decided it was all or nothing. Fortunately, it was his turn to call the trick. Without hesitation, he said, “Rocket Dive with a roll to a powerloop through the Crater Gap.”

This is not an easy trick, but he had been practicing it for just such an occasion. He slapped a fresh pack on, powered up, and punched the throttle. After a quick confidence-building lap around the rotorpark, he pulled out and flipped into his dive with authority. At the widest part of the dive, he pulled a textbook roll inside the rocket, crisp as a fresh dollar bill. The crew leaped to their feet. He got to the bottom of the rocket and ROARED out from between the fins as the crowd cheered. Then he cut his throttle and the crew hushed as he silently floated inverted through the Crater Gap. The sound of his quad pulling out of that loop was drowned out by the crew. It was like being at the DRL Championships - it was awesome. 

In an instant, all those post-holiday blues flew out of the airlock. It was just what we all needed, and the morale boost meant this month’s Crate was met with newfound excitement in anticipation of the next Game of KWAD! 

Let’s take a look at the contents of this month’s Crate:

  • FPVCrate Crater F7 Flight Controller
    • The FPVCrate scientists have been working hard and are excited to bring us another awesome component. The Crater F7 Flight Controller has more processor power than the original space program, and enough UARTS to run a space station! Whether you race or freestyle, this flight controller will help you keep it in the air.
  • 1,200 TVL Foxeer Micro Razer FPV Camera
    • On a rocket, every gram needs to be considered. Weight is as crucial as anything else. The same holds true for quads! Looking for a small form-factor, high resolution, low latency camera? Then look no further! This month’s Crate contains the Foxeer Micro Razer, and this gem has it all: Micro size, 1,200 TVL, 4:3 and 16:9 switchable, 1s to 6s compatible, flight controller camera setting control capability, and much more. There isn’t a quad around that wouldn’t love this camera! 
  • FPVCrate Yema + Booster T-Shirt
    • Getting low on FPVCrate shirts? Then the Captain has you covered!!! Here is another design that is out of this world. Now you'll have something to wear while washing all your other FPV clothing. This month’s design features our Crater line of gear and the new T-Motor Yema frame, so you can wear your passion on your sleeve (or chest).
  • Dalprop SpitFire T5147.5 Propeller (Set of 3) 
    • Just like the famous airplane that these props are named after, the Spitfire props can take a beating! Both beautiful and durable, the Spitfire props are manufactured with Bayer (yes, like the aspirin) PC, they are made for the long haul. They are even Popo compatible. Looking for a perfect racing prop to boost you to the podium? The Spitfire props are for you! 
  • FPVCrate January Sticker Sheet
    • Running low on stickers after the holiday season? Well here is a much needed resupply! Another great sheet of various FPV centric stickers for you to place everywhere - walls, ceilings, floors, dogs, cats, people, etc. What DOESN’T look better with FPV stickers?! 
  • Discount Coupon Card
    • If your wallet is feeling a little light from the holidays, then this is coming just in time! We want your dollars to go as far as our spaceships, so here is a little help to get any gear Santa might have forgotten.

So remember, when you are starting to get a little low and your spirits start to sink, just throttle up and shoot that gap, you might find what you seek on the other side!

This is Bill D. Crater, signing off. 


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