Stardate 47634.44 - I have been chosen to head the first colonization mission for the Moon. Our mission is to establish the first permanent colony with the purpose of building deep space craft outside the restraints of the Earth’s gravity. Over the next several years we will be building the habitation quarters, manufacturing facilities, and recreational areas for the people who will be living here in New Huntsville, which is the name we have given the colony in honor of Huntsville, Alabama, a place famous for its involvement in space exploration and manufacturing. A mission of this magnitude will take all of my crew’s skills, abilities, and attention to accomplish. But, to keep morale high, I have decided that we need to have as much fun as possible during this mission. This is why I have created the FPVCrate, a project that encourages social interaction, critical thinking, and (most of all) fun. 

Back on Earth almost everyone flies drones. From recreational to commercial, from small to large, Line Of Sight (LOS) to First Person View (FPV), drones make up a major part of everyday life. I wanted to bring that feeling of home to my crew, to help them not feel so isolated during this important mission.

FPVCrate is a simple concept. Every month New Huntsville receives a cargo rocket from Earth filled with supplies. From building supplies for the colony, to food for the crew, this monthly shipment is our lifeline. I have requested that a little surprise be added to every shipment, an item I call the FPVCrate. The FPVCrate will be my crew’s “relief valve” - a way to relax and blow off steam. 

Each month the FPVCrate will contain several components that will be used by the crew to build an FPV drone. We will also be including other various items, from sticker sheets to clothing to tools, in the FPVCrates - each month’s Crate will be like a “drone care package” from home. We have specifically chosen the contents of each FPVCrate to properly outfit our crew members with high quality gear that will keep them flying and having fun.

The first FPVCrate delivery is showing up today, and we are very excited to get started. Here are the items in the first Crate:

  • Lumenier QAV-R 2 - 5" Freestyle Quad Frame (FPVCrate Edition) 
    • This drone frame is tougher than a Saturn 5 rocket, and just as HOT! The QAV-R 2 FPVCrate Edition is a 5” Freestyle frame with all the great features of the original, plus a few extras. From interchangeable, 4.5mm thick arms of different lengths (extra arms and other frame parts can be purchased in the FPVCrate Store) to multiple mounting patterns for different sized components, this frame has something for everyone. With a full selection of replacement parts to keep your drone in the air, it is hard to find a better frame than the QAV-R 2.


  • Lumenier AXII Long Range 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) 
    • Mission Control to New Huntsville… Come in…. We read you loud and clear…. Looking to go far? Then you need a good long range antenna, and the FPVCrate has you covered! The AXII Long Range antenna has all of the signal transmitting/receiving power of the standard AXII with the addition of an elongated, semi-rigid cable to help increase signal strength. Put it on your drone or your goggles, or both! Getting the end of the antenna clear of obstructions is crucial to better signal performance, and the AVII has the length to rise above your battery or your head (two of the biggest signal blockers around).


  • Lumenier 5x5.3 Gate Breaker Propeller - 3 Sets
    • Want to have the thrust of a booster rocket and the strength of a lunar lander? Then you need these Gate Breaker props. These 5” props are made for power, performance, and durability. Specifically engineered to provide maximum thrust without overtaxing your battery, the Gate Breaker is also made of durable materials that could survive a meteor strike! 


  • XILO Pit Pal VTX Power Switch
    • Our video transmitters (VTX) are very powerful, and get hotter than a star! With the VTX Power switch you can turn your VTX on and off with the flick of a switch on your radio. The benefit is two-fold. When flying with other pilots the switch allows you to power up your drone without powering up your VTX (sometimes powering up your drone and VTX while others are flying can cause interference and loss of signal by the pilots who are flying, causing a possibility for crashes).The second benefit is during a crash you can power off our VTX, which will keep your video transmitter from overheating (a major cause of damage for video transmitters).  


  • FPVCrate Edition Mini Nut Wrench Tool
    • Without tools we would be lost in space…..The FPVCrate Mini Nut Wrench is just what you need for prop replacement. Just the right amount of torque to make changing propellers a breeze. Prepare for take off!!! 


  • FPVCrate Sticker Sheet 
    • Looking for something to dress up your sleeping quarters or your gear? These FPVCrate stickers are the deal. Put them here, put them there, just don’t put them in the common areas of the colony (they might get stuck in the air vents!!!)


I will be making these log entries every month as a way to inform the crew and help them on their drone building journey. This is a perfect activity to keep the crew excited and engaged. Many of them are already planning for the next FPVCrate delivery and keeping their work space clean and ready. They are all looking forward to their “first flight”. 

This is Bill D. Crater, signing off.

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