Stardate 97499.98 -  The completion of the Rec Dome last month has super-charged the crew. The ability to go somewhere, burn off a little steam, play some games, and fly some packs is just what they needed. I can see the difference in the attitudes and demeanors, every day they are locked in and ready - the “check valve” of the Rec Dome is working flawlessly.

This increase in productivity has put New Huntsville within sight of completing our fuel production facilities. We have electricity, the electrolysis facilities, and the holding tanks ready. All we need now is some sweet lunar water. The crew has been successful in locating small deposits, but to reach our goal we will need to find larger amounts of crater ice. Our search efforts have increased, and we all feel certain that it is just a matter of days before we locate that mother lode of H20. 

Our current search efforts have also pointed out an oversight on my part. The lunar surface is very hard on our equipment, and repairs to the recon rovers is a constant chore. This has brought to my attention that not every member of the crew possesses the skills needed to conduct these repairs. To remedy this I will be adding a little more educational information to these log entries. This will give the crew a place to find help and guidance when it comes to ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) repair. My plan is to cover some basics of maintenance as they pertain to the items in the monthly FPVCrate deliveries. 

One of the most important parts of electronics is soldering. I was surprised to find out how few crew members were confident when it comes to soldering. Fortunately, the FPVCrates are giving them plenty of opportunities to practice! In addition to the awesome list of goodies in this month’s crate, I have also added an important piece of practice equipment when it comes to soldering. 

Let’s take a look at the contents of this month’s Crate:

  • FPVCrate Booster 2207 2500kv Custom Motors
    • What looks hotter than the Sun and is faster than a rocket? The new FPVCrate Booster motors!!! Made specifically for our FPVCraters, this motor is sleek, powerful, and stylish. A perfect addition to any 5” build, these motors can take the punishment that pilots often subject their motor to. The 2207 motor size is perfect for your 4 cell builds, and at 2500kv they won’t overtax your batteries. It will be hard to find a better performing (and better looking!) motor out there. 
  • Custom FPVCrate Racing Gate
    • Thumbs up, Goggles down! If you are a drone racer then you know the importance of racing gates. Without gates, you’re just flying in a field! These “popup” gates fold away for storage and rapid deployment. Ideal for 3" quads, but could work for 5" quads as well, this gate is small enough to toss in your bag. With the included self-adhesive clips, you can attach these gates virtually anywhere. Get a few and you can set up your own track.
  • FPVCrate Edition T-Shirt
    • The last FPVCrate shirt went over so well we decided to make up another one. With a little bit of a “BANZAI” feel, this rising sun design is super cool! Good for race day, a fun fly, or just sitting around watching flight videos. This shirt has you covered, literally!
  • FPVCrate Practice Soldering Board
    • It has come to my attention that not all of the crew members in New Huntsville are soldering and electrical whizzes, so we added a little educational aid to this month’s Crate. Shaped like the FPVCrate logo, this PCB (Printed Circuit Board) has a bunch of different sized solder pads and traces. This will allow you to get in some good soldering practice without “practicing” on important (and valuable!!!) components. Confidence is crucial when it comes to detail soldering, and this board will help you build that confidence. It also makes a great keychain!!!
  • November Sticker Sheet
    • Need a new shipment of stickers? We have you covered (just like your door) with new stickers! This month’s contest is going to be “Best Placement of an FPVCrate sticker with a drone”. I want to see where you can place one of these sweet Crate stickers….. Who will be the first to do an inverted sticker pop on the Rec Dome ceiling???

We are making really good progress here in New Huntsville. I think that our perfect ratio of work to fun plays a major role in that success. Once we find that huge deposit of lunar ice we are going to need that progress to continue. We have a lot of work to do, but it is a duty we all take willingly. Each one of us is helping the Human Race reach the stars.

This is Bill D. Crater, signing off.

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