Stardate 97193.43 - Here at New Huntsville we take play very seriously! When you work as hard as this crew does it is important that we take time to decompress (pun intended) and lower our stress levels. This is why we have been pushing so hard to get the Rec Dome completed. Exercise facility, arcade (yes, we have both video games and pinball here on the Moon!), movie theater, and of course a flying area - The Rec Dome will provide the crew with a little slice of home, an important goal that we have been working towards since landing here a few months back. 

Today that dream becomes a reality.

With the finishing touches for the Rec Dome having been completed last week, we are now ready to get down to some serious FUN! For those of the crew who want to spread their wings, the rotorpark will be open for their enjoyment. I have decided that the Rec Dome will be open 24/7, so any time they need to blow off some steam the crew will be able to do so.  

I am very excited to see the crew take full advantage of the Rec Dome. This is a much needed “stress release valve” for us. It’s a great way to reset ourselves after a hard shift, and a great way to keep our batteries (both physical and emotional) charged and ready for the next task. Personally, I am looking forward to putting in a little stick time myself. The rotorpark consists of a large, open flying area that is peppered with different obstacles for the crew to enjoy. From the Rocket Dive to the Crater Gaps, this rotorpark will keep us entertained for hours on end. Because variety is the spice of life, I have decided that the layout of the rotorpark will be altered every month. This will keep everyone on their toes, and help to keep the flying fresh and exciting!

This month’s Crate will get the crew one step closer to completing their lunar builds. The items in the Crate this month will give them the “vision” needed to navigate all of the gaps, loops, and dives at the rotorpark. Let the building continue!!!

  • Rush Tank 5.8GHz VTX w/Smart Audio
    • Without a good video transmitter, you will be flying blind….literally! There are no worries about that when you have the TANK. The Rush TANK can pump out more power than a supernova, with a maximum output of 800 milliwatts. Of course, power is nothing without control, and the TANK has that covered with built-in SmartAudio protocol authorized by TBS, allowing you to change your output power and your frequency channel via your radio transmitter. Did I also mention that the TANK is as tough as a…. Tank? It takes a beating and keeps flying!
  • Caddx Turbo F2 Camera
    • A good video transmitter is only part of being able to see. You still need something to actually capture that image. Caddx has you covered with the Turbo F2. This micro FPV camera has all the specs that my crew craves - ultra-low latency, superior light handling, a wide voltage range, built-in microphone, and an ultra-crisp 1200 TVL image. Want to be able to read a shuttle’s registration number during takeoff? The Turbo F2 is the camera for you!
  • Lumenier AXII2 Straight MMCX 5.8GHz Antenna
    • The final part of the “FPV Trinity” is your antenna. Without a high-quality antenna, even the best camera and video transmitter are no more useful than space debris! Have no fear, we have you covered with the Lumenier AXII2 Straight MMCX 5.8GHz Antenna. All of the power of the full-sized AXII2, just in a smaller package. This antenna also has a bombproof MMCX connector (a perfect match for the TANK) for a strong physical connection to the video transmitter that won’t pop in a crash and leave you blind.
  • Gemfan Hurricane 51466 Propeller (3 Sets)
    • Looking for props that are strong, powerful, and durable? Then get ready for the Hurricane! These Gemfan props are built for speed and made to take a hit. Don’t let their lightweight (4g per) fool you - the Hurricane is made to perform. Looking to swap props in a hurry? These Hurricanes are also Popo compatible, meaning that prop nuts are a thing of the past! Rocket to new heights with the Hurricane. 
  • FPVCrate October Sticker Sheet
    • I am really enjoying how creative the crew is getting with the stickers. Yesterday I noticed that someone even placed an Ummagawd sticker on the ceiling of the Rec Dome! I fully expect to see a video, posted anonymously (look at this, found an SD card….), showing how the enterprising crew member pulled it off. This month’s sheet will certainly keep inspiring them to place stickers in increasingly more challenging locations (like my quarters!). 
  • Brain3D Discount Code Card
    • Need some drone parts “replicated”? What better place to get that than from Brain3D! A 3D printer is almost like a replicator from Star Trek, and Brain3D can whip up almost anything. This month we make it a little easier to get your Brain3D fix with this Discount Code Card.  

I am so glad that we open the Rec Dome this month. I know that the crew has been working hard to keep spirits up and this will make that just a little easier. We are going to have some hard-working months ahead, and the Rec Dome is exactly what we need to avoid burnout. Maybe we can even set up a couple of race and freestyle events for next month. Time will tell!

This is Bill D. Crater, signing off.

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